DNS plugin for ngrok

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  import 667NgrokDns from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@667/ngrok-dns';



ngrok-dns ngrok-dns

Ngrok-dns is a plugin of sorts to the ngrok npm package that enables domain features of ngrok which are not available on the free plan. Ngrok-dns will create a TXT record pointing to the new tunnel each time it changes.

Further you can generate a fixed URL using the service at https://ngrok-dns.june07.com.


ngrok tunnel url is dynamic and will change during your development cycle
cloudflare TXT records can then be easily accessed from webhooks and other disconnected parts of dev project


npm install @667/ngrok-dns


ngrok-dns 2
highlighed locations show requirement for ngrok-dns usage 2
const ngrok = require('./index'),
    ngrokDNS = require('@667/ngrok-dns');

(async function () {
    const url = await ngrok.connect({
        addr: 'https://localhost:3000',
        onLogEvent: ngrokDNS

Make sure your env vars are set and run your app or app dev command (i.e. nodemon, etc) as normal: ngrok-dns

  • TXT - A DNS TXT record is created which can easily be looked up in your dev environment using Node's included dns module: require('dns')

Log output should look like: ngrok-dns added Cloudflare TXT your-custom-domain.com -> 0d8b12e869d7.ngrok.io

This is a seperate example of ngrok-dns output: ngrok-dns

Currently Cloudflare (token based) is supported although other DNS providers should be easy to add.

  • ngrokDNS is middleware in that it passes the onLogEvent 'data' through, and failures just disable the middleware