Google Pub/Sub loopback component

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  import 6riverLoopback2ComponentPubsub from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@6river/loopback2-component-pubsub';



Loopback v2.x component that injects pubsub client into the global app object.

The main difference with Loopback /change-stream channels is that this implementation creates only two observers (after save and after delete) per model and then streams the changes to keep-alive registered connections. In contrast Loopback creates two same observers for each connection.

Install and Setup

Install the company: npm install --save loopback2-component-pubsub

Add the following configuration to component-config.json:

  "loopback2-component-pubsub": {
    "projectId": "my-project",


Access pubsub client using app.pubsub field.