React-native bridge for ZoomUs SDK

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import 7chairsReactNativeZoom from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@7chairs/react-native-zoom';



This is a bridge for ZoomUS SDK:

Tested on XCode 11.5 and node 12.18.1.

Getting started

$ npm i @7chairs/react-native-zoom


Library will be linked automatically.

If you have react-native < 0.60, check Linking Guide


Since we use zoom sdk from local './libs' folder android release apk could not be packed. Therefore you will need to do this following steps:

  1. in android studio go to: File -> New -> New Module -> Import .JAR/.AAR Package

  2. import both mobilertc.aar and commonlib.aar. after doind so you should have in your android root directory both 'mobilertc' and 'commonlib' folders

  3. add to settings.gradle

include ':mobilertc'
include ':commonlib'
project(':mobilertc').projectDir = file("./mobilertc")
project(':commonlib').projectDir = file("./commonlib")


Make sure you have appropriate description in Info.plist:

  • NSCameraUsageDescription
  • NSMicrophoneUsageDescription
  • NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription


import Zoom from "@7chairs/react-native-zoom";

// initialize minimal
await Zoom.initialize({
  clientKey: "...",
  clientSecret: "...",

// initialize with extra config
const { initialized } = await Zoom.initialize(
    clientKey: "...",
    clientSecret: "...",
    domain: "zoom.us",
    disableShowVideoPreviewWhenJoinMeeting: true,

// if (!initialized) get callback event for initialize results
Zoom.onInitResults(callback: RNZoomInitResultEventCallback)

// Start Meeting
await Zoom.startMeeting({
  userName: "Johny",
  meetingNumber: "12345678",
  userId: "our-identifier",
  zoomAccessToken: zak,
  userType: 2, // optional

// Join Meeting
await Zoom.joinMeeting({
  userName: "Joh",
  meetingNumber: "12345678",

// Join Meeting with extra params
await Zoom.joinMeeting({
  userName: "Joh",
  meetingNumber: "12345678",
  password: "1234",
  participantID: "our-unique-id",
  zoomAccessToken: "token",
  noAudio: true,
  noVideo: true,

// Join Meeting with zoom meeting url
await Zoom.joinMeetingWithWebUrl("<zoom_meeting_url>");

// Register event callback for join meeting status
Zoom.addMeetingStatusEventListener(callback: RNZoomMeetingStatusEventCallback);

// Unregister listener

In Meeting Events

import Zoom from "@7chairs/react-native-zoom";

// Get My User Meeting Info
await Zoom.getMyUserMeetingInfo(): Promise<RNZoomMyselfMeetingInfo>

// Register listener to inMeetingEvents
Zoom.addInMeetingEventListener((callback: RNZoomInMeetingEventCallback) => {
  const { event, payload } = callback;
// Unregister listener

events could be: [See iOS/Android SDK for more details]



Does library support Expo?

You have to eject your expo project to use this library.