7scientists - React UI Toolkit

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7scientists - React UI Toolkit

This repository contains reusable UI components and helpers that we use in all of our React/Electron apps. This package can be installed using npm.


Simply install the package using NPM:

npm install --save git+ssh://git@gitlab.com:7scientists/7s-ui.git

Alternatively, you may clone the git repository and manually symlink it to a 7s subdirectory in your node_modules directory, which is more convenient when making changes to the toolkit:

git clone git@gitlab.com:7scientists/7s-ui.git
ln -s [location-of-7s-ui] node_modules/7s


All JS/JSX modules are located in the src folder, to use them via Webpack. Therefore, you need to define an alias in your Webpack config:

var config = {
    resolve : {
        alias: {
            '7s' : '7s/src',

Development Strategy

Most of the functionality of the app should reside in generic and make use of abstract interfaces to speak to the external world, where needed (e.g. for resource loading). Additional functionality (e.g. for the desktop version) should be injected into the generic components via a hooks / provider scheme, where components receive a settings instance that might contain various functions that implement or override certain functionalities (e.g. for loading files).


To learn more about development processes and submitting code, please read Contributing.md.