Fork of ZippyUI's React Time Picker 1.1.0

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A carefully crafted time picker for React.


$ npm install @80pct/react-time-picker


var TimePicker = require('./src')

var VALUE = '14:00:01'

var onChange = function(value){
    picker.setProps({value: value})

var picker = React.render(

For uncontrolled behavior, use defaultValue instead of value

The time picker can also be used on touch devices.


  • value: String - a time value - for controlled behavior
  • defaultValue: String - a time value - for uncontrolled behavior
  • onChange: Function(string, moment) - function to be called on change


The time picker can display time in multiple formats. For example, you can show hour, hour & minute, hour & minute & second, and all of these with or without AM/PM.

You can specify a format to decide which parts of the time picker to display

  • format: String - See http://momentjs.com/docs/#/parsing/string-format/. A format that dictates which parts of the time picker are displayed.

    Valid format tokens are:

    • H or HH - 0..23 - 24 hour time (hour and double digit hour)
    • h or hh - 1..12 - 12 hour time used with a A
    • m or mm - 0..59 for minute and double digit minute
    • s or ss - 0..59 for second and double digit second
    • a or A - for meridiem display

So you can decide what to display either by specifying a format or just use the appropriate formatting on the value you provide.


  • If you want to display only hour & minute, specify a value string with hour and minute (eg: 16:03)
  • If you want to display hour, minute & second, specify eg 16:45:21
  • If you want to display AM/PM, specify an hour format that contains AM/PM eg 10:45 PM


By default when minutes/seconds are incremented, and they overflow 59, the next amount is increased. You can also overflow hour to trigger a meridian change by using overflowHourToMeridian.

Increment steps

When time arrows are triggered, values are incremented with a certain amount - called step. The default step value is 1

  • step: Number
  • hourStep: Number - A step for incrementing hours (defaults to null). If not provided, step will be used when incrementing the hour
  • minuteStep: Number - A step for incrementing minutes (defaults to null). If not provided, step will be used when incrementing the minute
  • secondStep: Number - A step for incrementing seconds (defaults to null). If not provided, step will be used when incrementing the second

Styling props

The time picker comes with built-in styles, no dependencies on external css files.

  • style

By default, the timepicker is 200px in width and has padding 10px. You can easily change that:

<TimePicker style={{width: '100%', padding: 5}} />

Styles for time boxes (the div containing the input and the arrows)

  • boxStyle - style to be applied to all boxes (hour, minute, second, meridian)
  • hourStyle
  • minuteStyle
  • secondStyle
  • meridianStyle

Styles for time input fields

  • hourInputStyle
  • minuteInputStyle
  • secondInputStyle
  • meridianInputStyle

Other props

  • useArrowKeys: Boolean - defaults to true. When this prop is true, you can update time values with arrow up/down keys when field is focused. Set to false if you don't want this behavior

  • inputFactory: Function(props) - you can control how to render the time inputs, by using this function. It will be called with some props for the input:

    • props.style - the style for the input
    • props.value
    • props.onChange
    • props.onFocus
    • props.onBlur

    Changing either onChange, onFocus or onBlur of the props passed in to inputFactory is not recommended. If you choose to change those, make sure you know what you're doing or you call the initial functions along with your own logic

  • showArrows: Boolean - decides whether to show arrows or not. Defaults to true

  • arrowStyle - style to be applied to all arrows

  • arrowUpStyle

  • arrowDownStyle

  • arrowOverStyle

  • arrowUpOverStyle

  • arrowDownOverStyle

  • arrowFactory

  • stepDelay: Number - defaults to 60. The amount of milliseconds between amount increments when mouse is down on an arrow

  • stopChangePropagation: Boolean - defaults to true. Stops the propagation of the change event on the inputs contained in the time picker. Needed so your onChange function will not get called multiple times, and with different arguments. Only modify this if you know what you're doing

  • normalizeStyle: Boolean - defaults to true. Uses react-style-normalizer to prefix style names when needed. In this case, all style props are prefixed (style, inputStyle, hourStyle, etc... )


Check out the project, cd into it and do

$ npm install
$ npm run dev

Navigate to localhost:8080.

Change the sources in the src directory. When a change is detected, the browser is auto refreshed.

To make a new build, execute npm run build, which refreshes the lib folder (for use with npm) from sources found in src.


See Changelog