Nodejs cli for scaffolding Mongoose models

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A CLI for scaffolding a node application with Mongoose as the ORM.


This CLI is heavily based on the rails CLI from Ruby on Rails.


norse model [modelName] [...fields]

Creates a new model with modelName as the name (norse model Post creates Post.js).

norse model Post field:type

Creates a Post model with field as the document attribute and type as the attribute type (String, Boolean, etc...). By default the field will have type String if not specified.

norse controller [controllerName]

Creates a new controller with the name being controllerNameController (norse controller post creates postController.js).

norse controller post create update

Creates a postController with the methods of create() and update(). By default index, create, show, update and destroy are all created.

norse scaffold [modelName] [..fields]

Creates both a model and controller based on the modelName provided and fields provided. The default methods from controller command are added by default.

norse scaffold Post title description published_at:Date

Will create a model of Post with supplied fields and the controller of postController with default methods.