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  import 9gustinStorifyReact from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@9gustin/storify-react';


storify :D

stories for you react app

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NPM package that show stories in a line(ordered by relevance and date)



How to use

Add package to your aplication

npm i @9gustin/storify-react



import React from 'react';
import {Storify, useStorify} from '@9gustin/storify-react';
import '@9gustin/storify-react/dist/index.css'
import initialState from './data/stories.json';

function App() {
  const { stories } = useStorify(initialState.stories);

  return (
    <Storify imgSize="5rem" storyBorderColor="blue" stories={stories} viewProfileCallback={(user) => {console.log(user)}}/>

export default App;


Import the Storify component and custom hook

import {Storify, useStorify} from '@9gustin/storify-react';

useStorify (Custom Hook)

Param Type Description
initialStories Story[] represent the list of stories to start the state variable
Return Type Description
stories Story[] represent the list of stories that are managed in the state, and you should pass it to the Storify component
addStories Function:void that function gives you the possibility to add stories, and that's rendered in the Storify component
setStories Function:void that function give you the possibility to set the list of stories, and that's rendered in the Storify component


    const { stories, addStories, setStories } = useStorify(initialStories);

Storify (Component)

Prop Name Type Description
imgSize string represent the size of story buttons, receive the css property "width"/"height"
stories Story[] represent the list of stories that the component should render
viewProfileCallback Function:User the function that would be called when the user wants to view an user profile
storyBorderColor string represent the color of story buttons borders, that receive the css property border-color


    <Storify imgSize="5rem" storyBorderColor="blue" stories={stories} viewProfileCallback={(user) => {console.log(user)}}/>



Property Type Description
user User the owner of story
id string the identificator of story
createdAt string the creation date of story
imageUrl number the url of story image


Property Type Description
username string the identificator of a user
imageUrl string the url of user profile image
relevance number the stories are ordered firstly for the user relevance

About the order of stories

The stories (in the timeline of stories are ordered by user's relevance, and after by createdAt property of story, the users with new stories are shown first). And when the user clicks to view stories from a user the that's are shown by date ascending(from older to newer)

Import styles

import '@9gustin/storify-react/dist/index.css'

Future releases:

  • Next story automatically, with time/progress bar
  • Save actual user in state
  • take response to stories, with a custom callback
  • Button "Add story" with a custom callback
  • Custom stories(colors, to group of persons)


MIT © 9gustin