Facilitate importing tags defined outside the template, without having to overwrite `stackTags` field, for reusability

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  import aCloudGuruServerlessImportTags from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@a-cloud-guru/serverless-import-tags';



Serverless stackTags will tag most resources in the template(*) , and supports importing from an external file. Nonetheless, it doesn't support importing from more than one file, therefore you can't specify global tags in tandem with stack tags and resource tags. . This plugin will solve that issue by merging the global tags file into the stackTags prior to the template being generated.


  • (*) Except CW Logs and any other resource where AWS Cloudformation doesn't support tagging:(

Using this pluging

# Via yarn
$ yarn add @a-cloud-guru/serverless-import-tags

# Via npm
$ npm install @a-cloud-guru/serverless-import-tags


  globalTags: ${file(./team_tags.yml)}

  - @a-cloud-guru/serverless-import-tags

In order to support best practices in Tagging guidelines, you can reuse compliance tag lines from a single file. This yaml template especified with the custom parameter globalTags must be an array of Key:Value tags, e.g.:

"info:owner": an_awesome_guru
alliance: operations
cc_feature: ${opt:stage,self:provider.stage}-zone-labs
cc_company_usage: acg