Bulma Class Properties And Types Definitions For JSX.

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@a-la/bulma is Bulma Class Properties And Types Definitions For JSX.

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yarn add -D @a-la/bulma
npm i --save-dev @a-la/bulma

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By installing this package, you will be able to specify classes on tags and components as JSX properties when using alamode transpiler.

To receive access to auto-completions, you'll need to import the @a-la/bulma package in your source code:

import '@a-la/bulma'
// or when using Preact 8:
import '@a-la/bulma/preact'

export const Component =
  () => (<div modal>Hello World</div>)

The actual import doesn't do anything as the source file is blank. It is needed only for VSCode to pick up distributed typings.

Because of a bug in VSCode, you won't see properties with hyphens, e.g., is-loading and will only see isLoading, but you can actually use both. The camel cases are added for discoverability of classes.

See the 📙 full list of Bulma classes in Wiki.

Closure Stylesheets

An annotated version of Bulma 0.8.0 is available in bulma/bulma.css where /* @alternate */ annotations were added for compatibility with Closure Stylesheets.

Copyright & License

GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

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