A test context for @a-la packages.

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@a-la/context is a a test context for @a-la packages used in alamode transpiler. It will provide a means to record the result of transforms for given rules, as well as emitted events.

yarn add -E @a-la/context

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The package is available by importing its default function:

import ÀLaContext from '@a-la/context'

The context is then passed to the context property of Zoroaster tests suites.

async stream(
  rules: Rule|Rule[],
  text: string,
  eventKeys?: string[],
): ReturnType

Creates a Replaceable stream according to a rule or set of rules, asynchronously ends it with passed text and returns the outcome.

In the example below, a transform rule is used to replace an export statement with a module.exports statement, and emit an exports event.

 * A rule to replace an `export function` statement with `module.exports`.
export const exportFunctionRule = {
  re: / *export function ([$_\w][$_\w\d]*)/gm,
  replacement(_, fn) {
    // async
    this.emit('exports', fn)

    // sync
    this.exports = this.exports || []

    return `module.exports.${fn} = function ${fn}`

Now, this rule can be tested using the @a-la/context and zoroaster testing framework.

import { equal, deepEqual } from '@zoroaster/assert'
import ÀLaContext from '@a-la/context'
import { exportFunctionRule as rule } from '../../src/rule'

/** @type {Object.<string, (c: ÀLaContext)>} */
const T = {
  context: ÀLaContext,
  async 'replaces the export function'({ stream }) {
    const fn = 'test'
    const data = `export function ${fn}() {}`

    const {
    } = await stream(rule, data, ['exports'])
    const expected = `module.exports.${fn} = function ${fn}() {}`
    equal(result, expected)
    deepEqual(events, {
      exports: [fn],
    deepEqual(replaceable.exports, [fn])

export default T
  ✓  replaces the export function

🦅  Executed 1 test.

The output of the stream function is an object described below.

ReturnType: Replaceable instance, string result and events map.

Name Type Description
events* Object<string, any[]> Emitted events recorded against passed events keys.
result* string The caught output of a Replaceable stream as a string.
replaceable* Replaceable The instance of a Replaceable stream.

  config: Object,
): void

This method allows to set the config property of the Replaceable instance created inside of the stream method. Some transform may use config for certain functionality, e.g., replacing of the source string in the @a-la/import transform.

  file: string,
): void

Sets the file property on the replaceable stream. This is required by the import transform to find the package.json file of the imported module to check whether it has the alamode property so that the esCheck can be skipped.

  props: !Object,
): void

Assigns properties to the transform stream. The rules will be able to access them via their this context.


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