CSS Properties For JSX.

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@a-la/styles is CSS Properties For JSX.

CSS styles JSX autocompletions

yarn add -D @a-la/styles
npm i --save-dev @a-la/styles

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By installing this package, you will be able to specify styles on tags and components as JSX properties when using alamode transpiler.

To receive access to auto-completions, you'll need to import the @a-la/styles package in your source code:

import '@a-la/styles'
// or if using Preact 8:
import '@a-la/styles/preact'

export const Component = () => {
  return (<div border="1px solid green">Hello World!</div>)

The actual import doesn't do anything as the source file is blank. It is needed only for VSCode to pick up distributed typings.

Because of a bug in VSCode, you won't see properties with hyphens, e.g., margin-top and will only see marginTop, but you can actually use both. The camel cases are added for discoverability of properties.

Special Cases

Some CSS properties will interfere with attributes of certain tags. There's an ignore map at /ignore.json that prevents the output of the following cases:

<hr	width color size>
<pre	width>
<img	width height alt>
<iframe	width height>
<embed	width height>
<object	width height border>
<video	width height>
<input	width height size alt>
<canvas	width height>
<table	border>
<body	background>
<meta	content>
<br	clear>
<select	size>
<area	alt>

Copyright & License

GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

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