A JavaScript 2D vector class with methods for common vector operations (fork of Victor)

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  import aRobuVictor from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@a-robu/victor';



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Fork Notes

This repository is a fork of the original Victor project at github.com/maxkueng/victor. The documentation of the original project is hosted at http://victorjs.org/.

The documentation of this fork (which is slightly different from the original) is hosted at https://a-robu.github.io/victor/ and the package is published on NPM at https://www.npmjs.com/package/@a-robu/victor.

This fork clarifies some points in the documentation and adds one function. Slighly more information is available in the CHANGELOG.

Installing & Using

npm install @a-robu/victor --save
const Victor = require('victor');
let vec = new Victor(42, 1337);

For more examples, see the documentation at https://a-robu.github.io/victor/.


npm test

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