Get the diff between a s3-folder and a local folder

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import a2d24S3Diff from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@a2d24/s3-diff';



Get the diffs between a local file and a s3-folder.


npm install s3-diff --save


var s3diff = require('s3-diff');
  aws: {
    // aws-config
  local: __dirname + '/my-folder-that-I-want-to-sync',
  remote: {
    bucket: 'name-of-s3-bucket',
    prefix: 'name/of/folder/to/sync/on/s3'
  // If recursive flag is set to true, s3-diff will recursively diff child
  // folders as well as the top level folder.
  recursive: false,
  // optionaly set options to the glob-module,
  // such as this
  globOpts: {
    dot: true
}, function (err, data) {
  // data is an object with the following properties:
  //  changed: Files that have been changed - files that exists in both s3 & locally but are out of sync
  //  extra: Files that exists locally but not in s3
  //  missing: Files that exists in s3 but not locally
  //  keep: Files that exists both in s3 & locally and that are equal