This is Vue CLI for LG-WebOS Project

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import aacassandraWvueCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aacassandra/wvue-cli';



Make Easy Your LG WebOS Project Using WebOS-Vue CLI. For more documentations read


First of all, Thank you so much for VueJS framework and LG WebOS Command Line Interfaces. You are awesome! This CLI is a combinate of VueJS and LG WebOS project, with the aim of making it easier for developers to create LG WebOS applications with the Vue framework


You must install somemany of bellow

  • Install Vue CLI (npm i -g @vue/cli)
  • Install LG WebOS CLI, visit more about installation LG WebOS Installation

Getting Started

Install CLI

npm i -g @aacassandra/wvue-cli


Creating Project

wvue create myapp
wvue create myapp com.myapp.app

Build a Project

wvue run build

Creating a Package

wvue run package

Installing a Package

wvue run installer

Launching a Package

wvue run launcher

Code released under the MIT License. For more information about copyright and license check MIT.