Creates a static website from markdown files

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Markdown Generator

Build Status

Creates a static site from markdown files.

This software is still in development and not production ready.

Github Repository


npm install markdown-generator --save-dev

API Usage

const markdownGenerator = require('markdown-generator');


Configuration Options


const markdownGenerator = require('markdown-generator');

const configuration = {
    // The directory where the generator will search for markdown files.
    inputLocation: path.resolve(__dirname, '../documentation'),
    // The directory where html will be output.
    outputLocation: path.resolve(__dirname, '../deploy/docs'),
    // The file to use as the template for rendering html
    templateLocation: path.resolve(__dirname, './templates/index.html'),
    // If true, do not output any files.
    dryrun: false,
    // If true, search will be enabled. If search is disabled, you may want to remove it from the default template.
    enableSearch: true,
    // The title to use for the static site.
    title: 'Default Documentation',    


Markdown Format

markdown generator uses GitHub Flavored Markdown and is parsed with marked.

A cheatsheet is available: [https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/wiki/Markdown-Cheatsheet]

There is one non-standard extension to markdown. Markdown Generator has the ability to inclde code files inline.

To do so:



And it renders as: