FHIR Works on AWS routing implementation

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Please visit fhir-works-on-aws-deployment for overall vision of the project and for more context.

This package is an implementation of the routing of the FHIR Works interface. It is responsible for taking a FHIR based HTTP request and routing it to the correct sub-component. It also does all the resource validatation by way of JSON schemas. Finally, This component is responsible for generating the Capability Statement, which is used to describe what a FHRI API can do. To use and deploy this component (with the other 'out of the box' components) please follow the overall README


This package assumes certain infrastructure:

  • API Gateway - We expect all the routing to invoke the FHIR Works Lambda
  • Lambda - We expect the input to be entering our function in a certain way


For usage please add this package to your package.json file and install as a dependency. For usage examples please see the deployment component's package.json

Dependency tree

This package is dependent on a type of each subcomponent:

NOTE: if your use-case does not require one of the above features/components, please set the your configuration as such and the router will route accordingly

Known issues

For known issues please track the issues on the GitHub repository


See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.