Proxy to serve local assets.

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The hostess.

A quick 'n dirty HTTP server that serves up a configurable mix of dev & production resources. Use this to swap in local resources while browsing a production site, or redirect resources to a local dev server.


This runs on port 80 and thus needs to be run as root. To set up:

  1. sudo node ./index.js -c <config.js>
  2. Change your /etc/hosts file to point the remote server to localhost

The hosts file should look as follows:	www.example.org

The server will continue to run until you kill it manually.


Config is managed as a Javascript module. The following values are supported:

  • paths: An array containing local paths to search in. A local path is an array with two values: the requested path as a regex, and the local path it maps to. Eg. ["/", "/home/me/www/"]
  • searchandreplace: An object containing values to search and replace in the url. Eg. {"v1.0.0": "v1.0.1"}
  • ssl: An optional object containing the following: ** key: a path to a SSL key ** cert: a path to the SSL cert. ** passphrase: a string to unlock the private key (optional);

An example config follows:

module.exports = {
  searchandreplace: [
    // Point the remote foo to the local bar
    ['foo.js', 'bar.js'],
  redirect: [
    // Redirect assets to another server
    // foo.css or bar.css will be redirected to the server on localhost:8000
    [ /.*((foo|bar).css)$/, 'http://localhost:8000/$1' ],
  paths: [
    // Redirect this path to the local build folder
    // Use regexes to redirect multiple remotes to the local path
  ssl: {
      key: "path/to/key",
      cert: "path/to/cert",
      passphrase: "my passphrase (optional)"


SSL is useful if you're testing a site that uses SSL. SSL on port 443 is enabled through the SSL options on the command line, or by specifying SSL options in the config file.


node index.js --key='serv.key' --cert='server.cert'

To generate your own SSL certificate:

openssl req  -nodes -new -x509  -keyout server.key -out server.cert

Some warnings

This is a development server. It is not intended to be run on the open Internet or without a firewall in place. Take appropriate precautions.