Slydepay API for Node.js

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Hubtel API

This is an unofficial Slydepay API for Node.js.


Using Node.js v8.X or latest, you install using:

npm install @aberba/slydepay

WARNING: Before using this package, I recommend you read on Slydepay's REST API documentation about the service you're planning to use.

From a security standpoint, it much safer to store all account API keys and other credentials in environment variables instead of hard-coding them in your source code.

const Slydepay = require("@aberba/slydepay");

const merchant = new Slydepay({
    emailOrMobileNumber:"Account email or mobile number",
    merchantKey:"Account merchant key"

// NOTE: refer to slydepay docs at http://doc.slydepay.com
// for parameters required for each method. 
// Make sure to read on the meaning of the various parameters.

(async () => {
    // See http://doc.slydepay.com/#api-Invoicing-ListPayOptions
    try {
    const payOptions = await merchant.listPayOptions();
    console.log("Slydepay payment options: ", payOptions)

    // NOTE: you don't need to add your emailOrMobileNumber and 
    // merchantKey to options since they are automatically injected 
    // using value passed when calling new Slydepay({...}) 
    const options = {
        amount: 123.4,
        // e.g an ID you use to keep track of transactions in your app
        orderCode: "your custom uniquely generated order/transaction ID" 

    // alternative options format (with orderItems)
    const options = {
        "emailOrMobileNumber": "merchant@awesomecustomer.com",
        "merchantKey": "thatkeyyoushouldkeepsecret",
        "amount": 100,
        "orderCode": "my-uniquely-generated-order-id",
        "orderItems": [
                "itemCode": "qwerty",
                "itemName": "RFC",
                "unitPrice": 20,
                "quantity": 2,
                "subTotal": 40
                "itemCode": "qazxsw",
                "itemName": "POC",
                "unitPrice": 60,
                "quantity": 1,
                "subTotal": 60

    const result = await merchant.createInvoice(options);
    console.log("API response: ", result)
    if (result.success) {
        // Invoice created successfully
        // See http://doc.slydepay.com/#api-Invoicing-CreateInvoice 
        // to see how a sample response looks like

    } else {
        // Failed due to some reason, check result.errorMessage and 
        // result.errorCode
        // See http://doc.slydepay.com/#api-Invoicing-CreateInvoice
        // for the various errors codes and their meaning to 
        // handle request accordingly 

        e.g. response
            success: false,
            result: null,
            errorMessage: 'Invalid Merchant Key. Please use a valid merchant key',
            errorCode: 'INVALID_MERCHANT_KEY' 

} catch(error){
    console.log("Error:", error)

Supported methods

Other functions are available for Slydepay's payment options. Read their REST API documentation to understand the parameters required and add them to the options parameter when making a request. List include:

  • merchant.listPayOptions():
  • merchant.createInvoice(options)
  • merchant.createAndSendInvoice(options)
  • merchant.sendInvoice(options)
  • merchant.checkPaymentStatus(options)
  • merchant.confirmTransaction(options)
  • merchant.cancelTransaction(options)