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Test semantic versioning with ESLint type commit format: https://eslint.org/docs/developer-guide/contributing/pull-requests#step2

- Fix - for a bug fix.
- Update - either for a backwards-compatible enhancement or for a rule change that adds reported problems.
- New - implemented a new feature.
- Breaking - for a backwards-incompatible enhancement or feature.
- Docs - changes to documentation only.
- Build - changes to build process only.
- Upgrade - for a dependency upgrade.
- Chore - for refactoring, adding tests, etc. (anything that isn’t user-facing).

This should match with: https://github.com/semantic-release/commit-analyzer/blob/master/lib/default-release-rules.js

    {"tag": "Breaking", "release": "major"},
    {"tag": "Fix", "release": "patch"},
    {"tag": "New", "release": "minor"},
    {"tag": "Update", "release": "minor"},
    {"tag": "Docs", "release": "patch"},
    {"tag": "Build", "release": "patch"},
    {"tag": "Upgrade", "release": "patch"},
    {"tag": "Chore", "release": "patch"}
    {"tag": "Revert", "release": "patch"}