Abios ReDoc fork

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  import abiosAbiosRedoc from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@abios/abios-redoc';


Abios ReDoc fork

This is a fork of Redoc. It includes bugfixes, styling changes and custom features that we need at Abios.


First: npm install
To run a development version: npm run start
To run a production version: npm run start:prod

Publishing/pushing a new version

The project is imported as an npm package in the dev portal.
To build a new version and make it available for the dev portal, we need to create a bundle of this project and push it up to npm.

To create a bundle: npm run bundle
Then, bump the version of the package: npm version {patch|minor|major}
Finally, run: npm publish

Now, in this project at /cli there is a nested Git repository for our fork of redoc-cli called abios-redoc-cli, which has this project, abios-redoc as a dependency. Therefore, if abios-redoc has an update pushed up to npm, most of the time we also want to update abios-redoc-cli.

After an update of abios-redoc Go to the folder /cli and do a yarn install @abios/abios-redoc. Then run npm version {patch|minor|major} and npm publish.
Now abios-redoc-cli will run the latest version of abios-redoc.

See the original Redoc repo here.