Abios' ReDoc Fork Command Line Interface

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  import abiosAbiosRedocCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@abios/abios-redoc-cli';



Abios ReDoc's Command Line Interface


You can use abios' fork of redoc cli by installing @abios/abios-redoc-cli globally.
Run: yarn global add @abios/abios-redoc-cli.


Two following commands are available:

  • abios-redoc-cli serve [spec] - starts the server with spec rendered with Abios ReDoc. Supports SSR mode (--ssr) and can watch the spec (--watch)
  • abios-redoc-cli bundle [spec] - bundles spec and ReDoc into zero-dependency HTML file.

Some examples:

  • Bundle with main color changed to orange:
    $ abios-redoc-cli bundle [spec] --options.theme.colors.primary.main=orange
  • Serve with nativeScrollbars option set to true:
    $ abios-redoc-cli serve [spec] --options.nativeScrollbars
  • Bundle using custom template (check default template for reference):
    $ abios-redoc-cli bundle [spec] -t custom.hbs
  • Bundle using custom template and add custom templateOptions:
    $ abios-redoc-cli bundle [spec] -t custom.hbs --templateOptions.metaDescription "Page meta description"

For more details run abios-redoc-cli --help.

See the original Redoc-CLI repo here.