Node.js module to scrape crunchyroll website.

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  import ablancCrunchyroll from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ablanc/crunchyroll';


Crunchyroll scrapper

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Node.js module to scrap content of crunchyroll.fr.


$ npm install @ablanc/crunchyroll --save


const crunchyroll = require("@ablanc/crunchyroll");

const list = await crunchyroll.getAnimeList();
const episodes = await crunchyroll.getEpisodes(list[0].link);
const infos = await crunchyroll.getAnimeInfos(list[0].link);

const alphaAnimes = await crunchyroll.getByAlphaNum("a"); // "a-z" || numeric

const popularAnimes = await crunchyroll.getPopularAnime();
const simulcastsAnimes = await crunchyroll.getSimulcastsAnime(); // 40 is the limit tho so > 40 will still return at most 40 animes.
const dramaSliceOfLifeAnimes = await crunchyroll.getByGenresAnime({
  page: 0,
  length: 20,
  tags: ["drama"],
const fall2019Animes = await crunchyroll.getBySeasonAnime({
  season: "fall_2019",
const lastAnimes = await crunchyroll.getMostRecentsAnime();

const calendar = await crunchyroll.getCalendar();

const calendarTwo = await crunchyroll.getCalendar({
date: "2020-03-22",
free: true,


Tests are run using Jest framework.
$ npm test