This is a node.js Typescript wrapper to use nakanim.com API.

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  import ablancNakanimApi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ablanc/nakanim-api';


Nakanim API

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This is a Node.js module written in Typescript that wraps http://www.nakanim.com API.


npm install @ablanc/nakanim-api


yarn add @ablanc/nakanim-api


On the top, you must include the package

Using Typescript
import { getAllAnimes, getAnime, getRandomAnime, getCalendar } from "@ablanc/nakanim-api";
Using Javascript
const { getAllAnimes, getAnime, getRandomAnime, getCalendar } = require("@ablanc/nakanim-api");

Then, you can use the different functions to access the API :

async function example() {
  const animes = await getAllAnimes();
  const animeSpecific = await getAnime("6532362183218") // id of the anime (this one is incorrect)
  const randomAnime = await getRandomAnime(); // returns the random anime of the day
  const randomAnimeSpecific = await getRandomAnime("25/12/2019"); // returns the random anime for a specific date
  const calendar = await getCalendar(); // returns the calendar for the current week
  const calendarSpecific = await getCalendar("2019-12-23"); // returns the calendar for the given week (you must pass monday's date)


Tests are run using Jest framework.
$ npm test