A node.js module to use reverso spell checking API.

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  import ablancReversoApi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ablanc/reverso-api';



A node.js module to use reverso spell checking API.

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npm install @ablanc/reverso-api

# or with yarn
yarn add @ablanc/reverso-api


import { checkSpelling } from '@ablanc/reverso-api';

async function test() {
  const res = await checkSpelling({ text: 'salut les amis' });



Here are the properties you can override when calling checkSpelling :

interface Params {
  autoReplace?: boolean;
  generateSynonyms?: boolean;
  getCorrectionDetails?: boolean;
  interfaceLanguage?: string;
  language?: 'fra' | 'eng';
  locale?: string;
  origin?: string;
  text: string;

The result object should look like this :

interface Result {
  id: string;
  language: string;
  text: string;
  engine: 'Cordial' | 'Ginger';
  truncated: boolean;
  timeTaken: number;
  corrections: Correction[];
  sentences: any[];
  autoReplacements: any[];

interface Correction {
  group: string;
  type: string;
  shortDescription: string;
  longDescription: string;
  startIndex: number;
  endIndex: number;
  mistakeText: string;
  correctionText: string;
  suggestions: Suggestion[];

interface Suggestion {
  text: string;