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This pagacke includes a pagination calculation, where you can simply pass some basic information to the calcualtion function, and in return you receive an object with all relevant pagination information.

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First, you have to install the package:

npm install @aboutbits/pagination

Second, you can call the calculate function by passing the following information:

  • page: The current page
  • size: The amount of items shown per page
  • total: The amount of total items in the list/collection
  • config: A configuration object containing the following possible configuration values:
    • indexType: The starting point of the pagination (default: IndexType.ONE_BASED)
    • maxPages: The maximum amount of pages that should be shown (default: 5)

In return, you receive an object with all relevant information:

import { calculatePagination } from '@aboutbits/pagination'

let pagination = calculatePagination(1, 5, 100)


This would return the following object:

  "previous": {
    "indexNumber": 1,
    "isDisabled": true
  "next": {
    "indexNumber": 2,
    "isDisabled": false
  "pages": [
      "indexNumber": 1,
      "displayNumber": 1,
      "isCurrent": true
      "indexNumber": 2,
      "displayNumber": 2,
      "isCurrent": false
      "indexNumber": 3,
      "displayNumber": 3,
      "isCurrent": false
      "indexNumber": 4,
      "displayNumber": 4,
      "isCurrent": false
      "indexNumber": 5,
      "displayNumber": 5,
      "isCurrent": false

Build & Publish

To build and publish the package, simply commit all changes and push them to master. Then run one of the following commands locally:

npm version patch
npm version minor
npm version major


About Bits is a company based in South Tyrol, Italy. You can find more information about us on our website.


For support, please contact info@aboutbits.it.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see the license file for more information.