Hermes Trinity component library - Vue CLI plugin

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  import abstackcoVueCliPluginTrinityLibrary from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@abstackco/vue-cli-plugin-trinity-library';


Trinity - Vue CLI

Trinity Framework Vue CLI plugin.


If you haven't yet installed Vue CLI, first follow the install instructions here.

If you haven't created a project yet, generate a project using Vue CLI:

vue create my-app
cd my-app

Before installing Trinity, make sure to commit or stash your changes in case you need to revert. If you haven't made any changes to project then you won't need to do anything prior to installing the plugin.

Run the following command to initialise Trinity in your app.

vue add @abstackco/trinity-library


Optionally, you can configure your Trinity Vue CLI Plugin using the following installation options.

As Trinity uses Sass, you will need to install the following dependencies if you would like to configure Trinity further.

npm install -D node-sass sass-loader

Tree Shaking and SCSS

To install Trinity with tree-shaking and/or SCSS enabled, simply add either of the following flags when installing Trinity:

vue add @abstackco/trinity-library --treeShaking --scss