Javascript implementation of AbstractMark

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  import abstractmarkAbstractmark from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@abstractmark/abstractmark';


Javascript implementation of AbstractMark.

For more information about Abstractmark, please visit this repository.

AbstractMark CLI

  • Requirement:

    • npm installed with its path registered on your system path. (You may ignore this if you installed npm in the proper way)
  • Installation Type npm install @abstractmark/abstractmark -g. To make sure it's installed properly, please type abstractmark --help, it should shows abstractmark CLI usage, if it doesn't, please open an issue.

  • Usage:

    • For Converting Abstractmark file: run abstractmark [abstractmark file] [abstractmark options] [args]
    • For Converting Abstractmark files inside a folder: run abstractmark [folder] [abstractmark options args]
    • For Abstractmark's Information : run abstractmark [option]
    • For more information about AbstractMark CLI, please type abstractmark --help on your terminal.

Import AbstractMark

  • Installation

    Type npm install @abstractmark/abstractmark on your command line.

  • Usage:

    • import {AbstractMark} from "@abstractmark/abstractmark" to import AbstractMark
    • Pass your text to convert into AbstractMark function with your options, example: AbstractMark("# Hello World {#Hi} {color:red}", {styled: true})
  • Available options:

    • styled, convert your text into html tags with default styled
    • fullHTMLTags, convert your text into full structured html tags.

Setup (development)

  • Clone this repository by typing git clone https://github.com/abstractmark/javascript.git abstractmark and get into it by typing cd abstractmark
  • To start setting up abstractmark CLI, type npm i -g to install it globally. To make sure abstractmark CLI is installed, type abstractmark --help. For more information about CLI is also written there.

Code of Conduct

For the Code of Conduct, please visit CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md

Contributing Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in contributing to AbstractMark! Please take a moment to review this document


AbstractMark is distributed under MIT License