Package who call AB Tasty API

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  import abtastyInnovationAbtastyApi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@abtasty-innovation/abtasty-api';


AB Tasty Innovation

AB Tasty API package

Authentication :

If you already have an access token

const abtasty = require("abtasty-api")();
await abtasty.setToken('USER TOKEN');

If want to log in with user credentials

const abtasty = require("abtasty-api")();
await abtasty.logAsUser(client_id, client_secret, grant_type, username, password);

If want to log in with service account

const abtasty = require("abtasty-api")();
await abtasty.logAsService(client_id, client_secret, grant_type);


// See Authentication section before.
   .then((response) => {
  .catch((error) => {

Available methods:

  • abtasty.account.get.all() => Get all accounts linked to this user
  • abtasty.account.get.one(account_id) => Get one account
  • abtasty.account.rights.all(account_id) => Get rights for an account
  • abtasty.account.current() => Get current account
  • abtasty.account.additional_information.get.all(account_id) => Get all additional information
  • abtasty.account.additional_information.get.one(account_id, key) => Get one additional information per key
  • abtasty.account.additional_information.create.post(account_id, body) => Create an additional information
  • abtasty.account.additional_information.create.patch(account_id, infoId, body) => Patch a given additional information
  • abtasty.account.test.get.all(account_id) => Get all test for an account id
  • abtasty.account.test.get.one(account_id, test_id) => Get one test
  • abtasty.account.test.variation.get.all(account_id, test_id) => Get all variations for a test
  • abtasty.account.test.variation.get.one(account_id, test_id, variation_id) => Get one variation
  • abtasty.profile.get() => Get logged user profile
Author : Elias C├ędric Laouiti @eliaslaouiti elias@abtasty.com