ABT Node logger lib

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import abtnodeLogger from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@abtnode/logger';



This is a log library for ABT Node.

Enable logging first

Set the environments: process.env.ABT_NODE_LOG_DIR = {logging directory}.

Write to files

Set the environments: process.env.NODE_ENV = 'production'.

Writing to console

DEBUG=@abtnode/* npm run xxx.

Or, the logs will be write to stdout.

Rotate log files

Rotate log files every day, log filename formate {label}-YYYY-MM-DD.log.

[!Important] Default retained log files

Because it is for internal use, the default log is kept for 60 days.


const logger = require('@abtnode/logger')('@abtnode/cli');

// log info
logger.info('detail blocklet', { did: 'z8iZpWP3gto8RWk9UHfvAaYtqX5wZ3Mz9BrHA' });
// [2020-08-12 17:26:28] [info]  "detail blocklet" {"did":"z8iZpWP3gto8RWk9UHfvAaYtqX5wZ3Mz9BrHA"}

// log error: must pass an object
logger.info('this is an error', { error: new Error('test') });