Stateless React Components for ASO Website

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  import academysportsUiComponentLibrary from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@academysports/ui-component-library';




A clean, proper implementation of low-level stateless (aka presentation) components.

OFFICIAL documentation of this library/project will be kept at...



  • react 16.12.x
  • react-emotion
  • unit testing frameworks ( jest + enzyme )
  • visual testing : storybook

Story Book

Execute locally using standard script(s) in package.json. This will currently launch on a random available port.

The "dev-static/" folder is for http-based hosting of files or assets that are NOT intended to be included in release bundles, but instead are to support / mock external assets which we DO NOT KNOW IN ADVANCE, such as icons or pictures that should come from CMS.

Be careful with the dev-static/ folder since the complete contents of this directory is included in the "build" version of storybook in its root folder. Recommendation is to put everything underneath the dev-static/assets/* folder, and reference these in your various stories files with "/assets/***" URL paths.