A complete solution toolkit for your test suite

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A├žai Testing Framework documentation

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A testing suite that proposes some tools that help you organize and easily escalate your own tests. ** Attention! ** All of tests in the same context are ran before tests on the following context.


Assertions should run inside of a test scope, see a simple example:

import test from "@acai/tester";

test("Test that 2 + 2 is equal 4", expect => {
    expect(2 + 2).toEqual(4);

// You can run all the tests recorded using test.run, this will print
// in the console

Automatic test find

You can automatically search for tests in your current project using test.find(/regex/), you can pass a regex to match a test file.


You can group tests to easily distinguish between them without writing multiple files.

import test from "@acai/tester";

test.group("Group description", () => {
    /*Your tests here*/ 


You can filter tests to be ran with except/only, working opposite of one another. They stack, so if you have two only tests, those two will run.

import test from "@acai/tester";

test.only("test description", () => {
   // Your test here 

You can also pass a second parameter to true, to force running all tests, ignoring the except/only.


You can tag your tests/groups, to filter them when running your tests. For example:

import test from "@acai/tester";

test("test description", () => {
   // Your test here 
}).tag(["tag1", "tag2"]);

test("other test description", () => {
   // Your test here 

// Will only run tests marked with the tag2 tag
await test.run(["tag2"]);