Helper functions for Acala offline transaction generation.

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  import acalaNetworkTxwrapperAcala from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@acala-network/txwrapper-acala';



Acala Txwrapper is a library for generating offline transactions for the Acala chain.

Get Started

yarn add @acala-network/txwrapper-acala
import {
} from '@acala-network/txwrapper-acala';

const unsigned = methods.currencies.transfer(
    dest: '5FHneW46xGXgs5mUiveU4sbTyGBzmstUspZC92UhjJM694ty',
    value: 100,
    // Additional information needed to construct the transaction offline.

const signingPayload = construct.signingPayload(unsigned, { registry });

// On your offline device, sign the payload.
const signature = myOfflineSigning(signingPayload);

// Construct signed transaction ready to be broadcasted.
const tx = construct.signedTx(unsigned, signature, { metadataRpc, registry });

See examples of how to use txwrapper-acala