LDAP module to validate and filter roles from a user

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  import acastellonLdap from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@acastellon/ldap';



LDAP generic interface module that filter and returns the available roles depending of previous definition file

the validation is taking the SERVER_ENVIRONMENT variable as a reference, in case of value equals to "local", it will not use the ldap validation and it will use the mockup users and roles defined in the setup file.

module.exports = {
      url: 'ldap://<you-server>:389'
      //,secure : true
      ,baseDN: '<baseDN>'
      ,username: '<user>'
      ,password: '<password>'
      ,MOCKUP_USERS : ['acastellon','lskywalker']
      ,MOCKUP_ROLES : ['User','Viewer']
      ,ROLES : {
            'User': 'GR PR DIN USER'
            , 'Admin': 'GR PR DIN ADMINISTRATOR '
            , 'Viewer': 'GR PR DIN VIEWER '

usage :

const setup = require('./config.ldap.js');
const ldap = require('./ldap.js')(setup);

    .then( function(value) {