A module to serve the data from PostgresDB which is filled by fill-pg tool from Nodeos

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api-postgres-plugin NPM Version

RESTful API service making use of pg obtain data from POstgresDB which written by (history-tools)fill-pg with SHiP-plugin.

Currently Available API Functions

The following API functions all accept a single parameter, a query which is basically an object containing several keys composed of the necessary values to query the database.


Get the details of a particular action based on its block_num (block number), id (transaction id) and action_ordinal.

  • block_num - string or number
  • id - string
  • action_ordinal - number


Get the list of actions based on certain criteria:

  • account_name - string - if this value is passed then it fetches latest 100 transactions for smart contract account_name
  • records_count - string - Number of actions to fetch (default is 100)


Get the list of all last permissions based on the number of records_count to show.

  • records_count - string
  • account_name - if this is passed then fetches the permission for only that account_name


Get the details of the block based on its ID or number as indicated by id_or_num and RPC endpoint to fetch action payload.

  • endpoint - string
  • id_or_num - string


Get the list of blocks based on certain criteria:

  • show_empty - string - Whether to show empty blocks or not
  • records_count - string - Number of blocks to show


Get the list of permissions based on its public_key

  • public_key - string


Get the list of all available smart contracts based on the number of records_count to show.

  • records_count - string


Get the details for a particular transaction based on its id and RPC endpoint to fetch action payload.

  • id - string
  • endpoint - string


Get the list of transactions based on certain criteria:

  • records_count - string - Number of transactions to show