An accessible tabs web component

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<script type="module">
  import accessibleWebComponentsTabs from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@accessible-web-components/tabs';



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Browser Support

Browser Assistive Technology
: macOS :
Safari 13.0.4 ✅ : VoiceOver ✅
Firefox 79 ✅ :
Chrome ✅ :
Edge ✅ :


import { AwcTabs, AwcTab, AwcPanel } from '@accessible-web-components/tabs';

window.customElements.define('awc-tabs', AwcTabs);
window.customElements.define('awc-tab', AwcTab);
window.customElements.define('awc-panel', AwcPanel);
  <awc-tab role="heading" slot="tab" id="my-first-tab" >Tab 1</awc-tab>
  <awc-panel role="region" slot="panel" id="my-first-panel">
    <h2>My first tab</h2>
    <p>Here is some text…</p>
      <li>…and a list</p>

    <button type="button">I am a focusable element within the tab</button>

  <awc-tab role="heading" slot="tab">Tab 2</awc-tab>
  <awc-panel role="region" slot="panel">Content 2</awc-panel>

  <awc-tab role="heading" slot="tab">Tab 3</awc-tab>
  <awc-panel role="region" slot="panel">Content 3</awc-panel>
  • The roles of heading and region are replaced by tab and tabpanel respectively at runtime. They provide some level of redundancy to the new elements should there be a runtime error.


Per https://www.w3.org/TR/wai-aria-practices-1.2/#tabpanel:


  • Focus on active tab element
  • Left arrow: previous
  • Right arrow: next
  • Space/Enter: activate
  • Home: first
  • End: last


  • Container has a role of tablist
  • tablist should be labelledby active tab
  • Each element representing a tab has the role tab and is contained within the tablist
  • Each element representing tab content has the role of tabpanel