A React hook that creates unique deterministic IDs to facilitate WAI-ARIA and server rendering

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<script type="module">
  import accessibleUseId from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@accessible/use-id';



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npm i @accessible/use-id

Creates unique deterministic IDs to facilitate WAI-ARIA and server rendering. Forked from @reach/auto-id.

Quick Start

import useId from '@accessible/use-id'

const Component = () => {
  const id = useId()
  return <div id={id} />
  // <div id='A:1'>


useId(fallbackId?: string | null | 0 | false, prefix?: string): string | undefined

A hook that returns a unique, but deterministic ID once per component


Argument Type Default Required? Description
fallbackId string | null | 0 | false undefined No Allows you to provide your own id as a fallback
prefix string 🅰 No Allows you to provide a prefix for the id to prevent collisions with other auto id libs


This library is a fork of @reach/auto-id

Why fork?

Reach UI doesn't use real semantic versioning (each of their packages updates versions at the same time regardless of changes to individual packages... nonsense) so it's possible (and annoyingly so) that you could easily wind up with duplicate version of the auto-id package in your bundle. Lastly, the Reach library throws super annoying warnings in SSR because it uses useLayoutEffect. This library uses @react-hook/passive-layout-effect to avoid that.