Set of React components for PDF annotation

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<script type="module">
  import accoioReactPdfHighlighter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@accoio/react-pdf-highlighter';



react-pdf-highlighter provides annotation experience for PDF documents on web built on top of PDF.js. Text and rectangular highlights are supported. Highlight data format is independent of the viewport, making it suitable for saving on the server.




npm install react-pdf-highlighter


See demo/src/App.js for React component API example.

While docs are in progress, feel free to check the source annotated with Flow type signatures.

Prior art

react-pdf and react-pdfjs only provide React wrappers for PDF.js and do not have built-in annotation functionality.

pdfjs-annotate does not provide text highlights out of the box.

PDF.js provides only viewer:

PDF.js is mainly written for reading PDF files, not editing them. Because of that we don't yet support adding any kind of annotations. We do however support rendering a number of annotation types for viewing.

See also:


Can I get a new PDF with the highlights embedded into the document?

No, but pdf-annotation-service might be helpful for you.

Wasn't this named react-pdf-annotator at some point?

Yes, but people from https://www.pdfannotator.com/ asked me to rename, since they have a trademark for PDF Annotator.

I'm trying the demo with my PDF and it is not loading!

Please check the CORS headers on your url. It is required for the cross-domain request.


Works in Google Chrome, Safari 10+, Firefox 52+. Not tested in Internet Explorer.