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Cicero allows you to define natural language contract and clause templates that can be executed by a computer. These could be relatively simple things like if the goods are more than {{DAYS}} late, then notify the supplier of the goods, with the message {{MESSAGE}}. or more elaborate natural language and logic such as computing interest on a loan, or calculating penalties based on IoT sensor readings.

You can browse the library of Open Source Cicero contract and clause templates at: https://templates.accordproject.org.

Cicero is an Open Source implementation of the [Accord Project Template Specification][apspec]. It defines the structure of natural language templates, bound to a data model, that can be executed using request/response JSON messages.

You can read the latest user documentation here: http://docs.accordproject.org.

Clause Templates

Using Cicero you can take any existing natural language text (typically a clause or a contract) and declaratively bind it to a data model. Cicero generates a parser (using the Earley parser algorithm) to parse and validate source text, extracting machine readable/computable data. The Cicero engine can then be used to execute a clause (an instance of a template) against a JSON payload. Accord Project templates can be used to add computable functionality to any document.

Structure of the Code Repository

Top level repository (cicero), with sub packages. Each sub-package is published as an independent npm module using lerna:

  • cicero-cli : Command line interface (for parsing, execution, creating archives) for Accord Project legal templates
  • cicero-core : Core classes to manage the grammar, models and logic of Accord Project legal templates
  • cicero-engine : A Node.js VM based execution engine for Accord Project legal templates
  • cicero-server: Exposes the Cicero Engine as a RESTful service
  • cicero-test : Cucumber based testing for Accord Project legal templates
  • cicero-tools : Tools for generating code (UML, Java, etc.) from Accord Project legal templates
  • generator-cicero-template: Utility to create a self-contained directory for a new Accord Project legal template


To install the command-line interface:

npm install -g @accordproject/cicero-cli

Accord Project Logo

Accord Project is an open source, non-profit, initiative working to transform contract management and contract automation by digitizing contracts. Accord Project operates under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation. The technical charter for the Accord Project can be found here.

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Core libraries:

Projects Package name Version Description
Cicero cicero-core npm version Templates Core
cicero-cli npm version Cicero CLI
cicero-engine npm version Node.js VM based implementation of Accord Project Template Specification execution
cicero-server npm version Wraps the Cicero Engine and exposes it as a RESTful service
cicero-test npm version Testing support for Cicero based on cucumber
cicero-tools npm version Cicero Tools
generator-cicero-template npm version Code generator for a Cicero Template
Concerto concerto-core npm version Core Implementation for the Concerto Modeling Language
concerto-tools npm version Tools for the Concerto Modeling Language
concerto-cli npm version command-line interface for Concerto
Ergo ergo-cli npm version Ergo CLI
ergo-compiler npm version Ergo compiler
ergo-test npm version Ergo test
ergo-engine npm version Ergo engine
Markdown markdown-common npm version A framework for transforming markdown
markdown-slate npm version Transform markdown to/from CommonMark DOM
markdown-cli npm version CLI for markdown transformations.
markdown-cicero npm version Markdown extensions for contracts, clauses, variables etc.
markdown-html npm version Transform CiceroDOM to HTML

UI Components:

Projects Package name Version Description
Markdown Editor markdown-editor npm version WYSIWYG rich text web editor for markdown based on Slate.js
Cicero UI cicero-ui npm version React UI components for Cicero
Concerto UI concerto-ui npm version Dynamic web forms generated from Concerto models

Template Editors:

Projects Cicero ver. Description
Template Studio v1 0.13.4 Web UI for creating, editing and testing Accord Project templates
Template Studio v2 0.13.4 Web UI for creating, editing and testing Accord Project templates
VSCode Extension 0.13.4 VS Code extension for editing Cicero templates and Ergo logic

Public templates and models:

Projects Description
Models Accord Project Model Library
Template Library Accord Project Template Library


Project Repo
Documentation techdocs


The Accord Project technology is being developed as open source. All the software packages are being actively maintained on GitHub and we encourage organizations and individuals to contribute requirements, documentation, issues, new templates, and code.

Find out what’s coming on our blog.

Join the Accord Project Technology Working Group Slack channel to get involved!

For code contributions, read our CONTRIBUTING guide and information for DEVELOPERS.


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Accord Project source code files are made available under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Accord Project documentation files are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY-4.0).

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