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Concerto is a lightweight 100% JavaScript schema language and runtime. It works in both a Node.js process and in your browser. The browserified version of Concerto is ±280KB. We are working on making it even smaller.

This is why you should care: https://www.accordproject.org/news/strongly-typed-data-for-javascript-and-beyond/

Things you can do using Concerto:

  • Define an object-oriented model using a domain-specific language that is much easier to read and write than JSON/XML Schema, XMI or equivalents. The metamodel gives you "just enough" expressivity to capture real-world business models, while remaining easy to map to most runtime environments.
  • Optionally edit your models using a powerful VS Code add-on with syntax highlighting and validation
  • Create runtime instances of your model
  • Serialize your instances to JSON
  • Deserialize (and optionally validate) instances from JSON
  • Instances are JS objects so they are easy to pass around your application
  • Introspect the model using a powerful set of APIs
  • Convert the model to other formats: JSON Schema, XML Schema, Java, Go, Typescript, Loopback, PlantUML using concerto-tools.
  • Import models from URLs
  • Publish your reusable models to any website, including the Accord Project Open Source model repository, hosted at: https://models.accordproject.org

Structure of the Code Repository

Top level repository (concerto), with sub packages. Each sub-package is published as an independent npm module using lerna:

  • concerto-cli : command-line interface for Concerto
  • concerto-core : core library for model management/parsing/validation/serialization
  • concerto-tools : model converters and tools for Concerto model files


To install the command-line interface:

npm install -g @accordproject/concerto-cli

You may also set a custom folder to keep the log files by setting the following environment variable:


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