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Markdown Transform

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A transformation and parsing framework for converting markdown content to HTML, Slate (for rich-text editing) and other structured document object models (DOMs).


Structure of the Code Repository

Top level repository (markdown-transform), with sub packages. Each sub-package is published as an independent npm module using lerna:

CommonMark DOM

The CommonMark DOM is a model for the elements of CommonMark (the specification for markdown text), expressed as a Concerto schema, and serialized as a JSON graph.

The schema is defined here: https://models.accordproject.org/markdown/commonmark@0.2.0.html

CiceroMark DOM

CiceroMark defines markdown documents with embedded clauses, where each clause is an instance of a template, specified using TemplateMark.

The CiceroMark DOM extends the CommonMark DOM, defining nodes for Clause, Variable and Formula etc.

The schema is defined here: https://models.accordproject.org/markdown/ciceromark@0.3.0.html

TemplateMark DOM

TemplateMark defines markdown documents with syntax for embedded variables, optional blocks, formulas etc. It is used to define Accord Project templates.

The TemplateMark DOM extends the CommonMark DOM, defining nodes for ClauseDefinition, VariableDefinition and ForumulaDefinition etc.

The schema is defined here: https://models.accordproject.org/markdown/templatemark.html

Slate DOM

The Slate DOM is defined by the Slate HTML content-editable WYSIWYG editing framework.


For users

To install the command-line interface:

npm install -g @accordproject/markdown-cli

This will install the markus command-line for markdown transform. To get command-line help:

markus --help

For developers

To install for development, in the project directory, you will need to first install lerna:

npm install -g lerna@^3.20.2
npm install

Then run:

npm run test

Invokes lerna to run the test suite.

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Accord Project is an open source, non-profit, initiative working to transform contract management and contract automation by digitizing contracts. Accord Project operates under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation. The technical charter for the Accord Project can be found here.

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The Accord Project technology is being developed as open source. All the software packages are being actively maintained on GitHub and we encourage organizations and individuals to contribute requirements, documentation, issues, new templates, and code.

Find out what’s coming on our blog.

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For code contributions, read our CONTRIBUTING guide and information for DEVELOPERS.


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Accord Project source code files are made available under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Accord Project documentation files are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY-4.0).

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