Typescript type declaration file generator from Contentful models

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<script type="module">
  import aceandtateContentfulTsTypeGenerator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aceandtate/contentful-ts-type-generator';



Note: This is a fork of github.com/arimkevi/contentful-ts-type-generator


  1. Get preview api token and spaceId from Contentful.

  2. Install this repository into your node project

npm install @aceandtate/contentful-ts-type-generator
  1. Run the script to get help options
npx generateContentfulTypes
  1. Base usage
npx generateContentfulTypes <SPACE_ID> <PREVIEW_API_TOKEN>

This will generate contentfulTypes.d.ts file that will contain all of the space model as interfaces and inheritance. Export contains also model sys.id.

If you use the generateContentfulTypes command in your package.json scripts, you can leave out the npx in front of it.

  1. Options
  -o, --output <file>, Output file path. Default: './contentfulTypes.d.ts'
  -e, --environment [value], Contentful environment id to use. Default: 'master'
  -p, --prefix <value>, Name prefix for generated interfaces. Default: ''
  -h, --host [value], Default: 'api.contentful.com'
  -i, --ignore [value], Ignored field(s): a single field id or comma separated list of field ids. Default: ''
  1. Once the types are generated you can use contentful.js calling the following function:

const client = contentful.createClient({
  host: 'contentfulHost',
  accessToken: 'accessToken',
  space: 'spaceId',
  resolveLinks: true,

export function getContent<T>(
  contentfulLocale: string, contentType: string
): Promise<contentful.Entry<T>> {
  return client
    .getEntries({ content_type: contentType, locale: contentfulLocale })
    .then((response: contentful.EntryCollection<T>) => response.items[0])

getContent<T>(locale, YourContentfulType)