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Follows the npm registry and yields change objects when new modules are published


const followRegistry = require('@achinbrain/follow-registry')

// All options are optional
const options = {
  // user agent used to request metadata etc
  ua: 'npm-registry-follower',

  // where to get the changes from
  replicator: 'https://replicate.npmjs.com/registry/_changes',

  // where to get module details from
  registry: 'https://registry.npmjs.com',

  // how many sets of metadata to request concurrently
  concurrency: 50,

  // restart the feed if no changes are received for this long
  inactivityTimeout: 3600000,

  // how long to wait after inactivityTimeout
  inactivityBackoff: 5000,

  // how many times to try fetching module metadata
  metadataRetries: 5,

  // how long to wait between retries
  metadataRetryBackoff: 5000,

  // override which seq value to start streaming changes from
  since: undefined,

  // override sequence file storage
  seq: {
    async read (), // returns a seq number
    async write (seq), // stores a seq number
    async reset () // resets the seq number

for await (const { packument, seq, done } of followRegistry(options)) {
  //...do something with the change
  console.info(`${packument.name} was updated in seq ${seq}`)

  // signal we are done processing this change
  // Important - if `done` is not called, the change will be
  // reprocessed the next time `followRegistry` is run
  await done()

// read the last sucessfully processed seq
const seq = await follow.seq(options)

// reset the last sucessfully processed seq
await follow.reset(options)

Changes feed

Objects returned from the feed are in the abbreviated format.


Forked from davglass/follow-registry.