Acolad Tempo React UI component library

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import acoladTempoComponents from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@acolad/tempo-components';


Acolad Tempo React component library


Acolad tempo-components is available as an npm package

Just run this inside your project

npm i @acolad/tempo-components


Import the package into your package.json. You will also need the following peer dependencies:

"dependencies": {
    "@acolad/tempo-components": "<CURRENT_VERSION>",
    "react": "<CURRENT_VERSION>",
    "react-dom": "<CURRENT_VERSION>",
    "antd": "<CURRENT_VERSION>",
    "@ant-design/icons": "<CURRENT_VERSION>"

then all you need to do is:

import { NumericInput } from '@acolad/tempo-components'


You can run the storybook locally. It will refresh automatically when you change a file.

npm run storybook


Create tests for every component you make and run them.

npm run tests

Building and publishing the package

First upgrade the version (look at the versioning section), then at the root of the project:

  • npm run build-package
  • npm publish

Building the storybook

npm run build-storybook


alt text The project follows semantic versioning.

To update the version you can use the npm command line npm version patch or you can do it manually by changing the package.json

  • Patch update: npm version patch -m "Upgrade to %s"
  • Minor update: npm version minor -m "Upgrade to %s"
  • Major update: npm version major -m "Upgrade to %s"


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.