Module to attach inline-edit functionality to an WCH based Angular application.

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  import acousticContentSdkModuleLoader from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@acoustic-content-sdk/module-loader';



Implementation of a simple module loader that resolves NPM modules from unpkg. Resolution works as long as modules only require global modules it is not implemented for local imports.

Supported Modules

The following list some commonly used modules, the list not not complete, though:

Module Support Comment
lodash yes
d3 yes
chart.js yes
handlebars no use lodash templating instead

Table of Contents

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module-loader package

Simple implementation of a module loader based on unpkg


Function Description
createModuleLoader(aResolver, aFetchText, aDocument, aWindow, aLogSvc) Implementation of a service that can load a module and its dependencies from unpkg


Variable Description
VERSION Version and build number of the package

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createModuleLoader() function

Implementation of a service that can load a module and its dependencies from unpkg


export declare function createModuleLoader(aResolver: UnaryFunction<string, Observable<any>>, aFetchText: FetchText, aDocument: Document, aWindow: any, aLogSvc?: LoggerService): (aName: string, aVersion?: string) => Observable<any>;


Parameter Type Description
aResolver UnaryFunction<string, Observable<any>> resolver that tries to resolve the module, first. May return the empty observable
aFetchText FetchText callback that loads a remote resource as text
aDocument Document the document object
aWindow any the global window object
aLogSvc LoggerService optional logger service


(aName: string, aVersion?: string) => Observable<any>

a function that can load a module based on name and version

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VERSION variable

Version and build number of the package


    version: {
        major: string;
        minor: string;
        patch: string;
        branch: string;
    build: Date;