Official JavaScript SDK for the Acoustic Content Delivery API.

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Acoustic Content Delivery JavaScript SDK

Official JavaScript SDK for the Acoustic Content Delivery API.


This SDK is designed to help utilize the content hosted in Acoustic Content libraries in client and server-side applications (headlessly).

Table of Contents

Getting Started


It is recommended to have the latest version of Node.js with npm installed to use this SDK in an application. To install Node.js, please follow the official documentation available on Node.js website.


This SDK is available for installation as a node module directly from the npm registry.

Install using npm:

$ npm i @acoustic-content/delivery-sdk


API Reference and Documentation

This SDK is based on the Acoustic Content API's delivery endpoints fully documented at Acoustic Developers website.

Additionally, you can generate the documentation with the use of TypeDoc by using a command:

npm run typedoc

How to Use?

To utilize this SDK, you need to import the library to your project first with:

const ContentDeliverySDK = require("@acoustic-content/delivery-sdk");

Request for Assets

  apiUrl: "",
  .then((deliverySearchResult) => {
    // some actions with documents

Request for Assets (with authorization)

If you want to make a request as an authorized user, please add username and password to the application's configuration:

  apiUrl: "",
  username: "",
  password: "",

You can find more examples in the sample folder.

Running the Tests

Install development dependencies:

$ npm i

Run Tests

Commands to run tests are provided in package.json.

Unit test mode:

$ npm run test

Integration test mode:

$ API_URL=<url> USERNAME=<username> PASSWORD=<password> npm run test

Built With


This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 - see the LICENSE file for details