Contact Picker Smart Widget UI (Angular)

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Contact Picker Smart Widget UI (Angular)

This is the Angular 6+ UI for a Smart Widget implementing a picker field to choose a person from a list of contacts. It is matched by a corresponding back-end service which is needed when running it in remote mode. A default implementation for selecting people from CRS Medewerker is provided.


There is a demo app, see below for instructions on running it.

How to use


> npm install @acpaas-ui-widgets/ngx-contact-picker

Local mode

In this mode, the data backing the picker is passed from the surrounding application code instead of fetched from a remote back-end.

Import the component in your module:

  imports: [

In the index.html, include the core branding stylesheet:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdn.antwerpen.be/core_branding_scss/4.1.1/main.min.css">

For projects that are still using Angular 5, we are maintaining a v1 branch, which will still receive bug fixes if needed.

> npm install @acpaas-ui-widgets/ngx-contact-picker@"<2.0.0"

In your template:

<label for="picker-1">Pick a person</label>

In the component code:

class YourComponent {

    // you can assign an initial value here
    person: ContactPickerValue;

    listOfPeople: ContactPickerValue[] = [
        { id: '0', name: 'Abraham Ortelius', ... },


Every value in the backing list must have a unique id. If names can be the same it is recommended to use a differentiator as described below.

Supported attributes

  • id: Unique ID for the contact picker to guarantee WCAG 2.1 AA compliancy

  • data: An array of value objects to use as the backing store

  • value: The current value of the picker, represented as a value object

  • placeholder: specify the text to show in an empty field

  • noDataMessage: the text shown in the list when there are no matching results

  • differentiator: a field from the backing value object to be displayed as a tag on the right side of the list items, to help the user discern the difference between multiple matches with the same name.

    <aui-contact-picker differentiator="userName" ... differentiator example


  • valueChange: triggers when the current value is changed (or cleared)

Remote mode

In this mode, the picker is backed by a remote service queried for results matching what the user types.

<label for="picker-2">Pick a person</label>

Additional attributes

  • url: the URL of the back-end service feeding this widget
  • bufferInputMs: how long to buffer keystrokes before fetching remote results

The backing service implements the following protocol:

  • GET /path/to/endpoint?search=...
  • search = the text that the user typed on which to match
  • result = JSON-encoded array of ContactPickerValue objects

Run the demo app

> npm install
> npm start

Browse to localhost:4200

To use the remote page, you will need to have also started the corresponding back-end service.


We welcome your bug reports and pull requests.

Please see our contribution guide.


Joeri Sebrechts (joeri.sebrechts@digipolis.be)


This project is published under the MIT license.