Contact Picker Smart Widget BFF package (Node)

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Contact Picker Smart Widget BFF (Node)

This is a Node.js backend service library to create a BFF service for the Contact Picker Smart Widget. The widget provides a picker field to choose a person from a list of contacts. This service is matched by a corresponding UI.

There is a demo service, see below for instructions on running it.

How to use


Copy the .npmrc file from this repo to your application's folder.

Then install (you will need to be on the digipolis network):

> npm install @acpaas-ui-widgets/nodejs-contact-picker


Express example:

const express = require('express');
const app = express()
const pickerHelper = require('@acpaas-ui-widgets/nodejs-contact-picker');
const controller = pickerHelper.mprofiel.createController({
    clientId: "<oauth client id>",
    clientSecret: "<oauth client secret>",
    oauthUrl: "https://api-gw-o.antwerpen.be/astad/mprofiel/v1/oauth2/token",
    serviceUrl: "https://api-gw-o.antwerpen.be/astad/mprofiel/v1/api/mprofiel"
app.get('/api/medewerkers', controller);

You can obtain the OAuth credentials by taking a contract on the API in the API store.

The library provides the following interface:

  • mprofiel
    • createController(config): create an express controller that handles the connection to the mprofiel API
    • createService(config): create a function that accepts a query and returns a promise of the results of the mprofiel API for that query. The createController routine builds on top of this.

Run the demo app

Create a .env file containing:

OAUTH_CLIENT_ID=<client id>
OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET=<client secret>
  • Obtain the client id and client secret by creating a contract on the mprofiel service on api-store-o.antwerpen.be.

  • Create a service account with the correct permissions: request permissions in the User Management Engine (application Digipolis --> MPROFIEL).

(Remove the -o extension in the URL's to use the production api.)

Run the service:

> npm install
> npm start

Test by browsing to localhost:3000/api/medewerkers?search=aa.

The UI demo app expects the service to run on port 3000.

Service Specification

The service implements the following protocol:

  • GET /path/to/endpoint?search=...
  • search = the text that the user typed on which to match
  • result = JSON-encoded array of ContactItem objects

An example swagger description is included.


We welcome your bug reports and pull requests.

Please see our contribution guide.


This project is published under the MIT license.