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  import acpaasUiNgxUserMenu from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@acpaas-ui/ngx-user-menu';




The User Menu component can be used on a webpage to provide visual login and logout buttons. If logged out, the component displays a single button enabling the user to login. If logged in, the component provides an avatar button, displaying a flyout where a logout button is featured.

This component uses content projection inside it's tag, meaning whatever html is included between the aui-user-menu tag will be inserted in the flyout section. The logout button is displayed by default but can be disabled if you wish to implement your custom logout button.

Two output events may be used to hook to login or logout functionality to the interface:

  • login$: Triggered when user clicks on the login button
  • logout$: Triggered when user clicks on the logout button

You are responsible for providing login and logout functionality, this component only provides visuals.


In your module:

import { UserMenuModule } from '@acpaas-ui/ngx-user-menu';

    imports: [
export class AppModule { }

In your template:

<aui-user-menu [user]="userObject" flyoutSize="Medium" [notificationsCount]="100" (logout$)="logoutUser()" (login$)="loginUser()" [translations]="translations">
    <div class="u-margin-lg u-text-center">
        Your Content Here

Component inputs:

public mockUser: UserMenu.IUser = {
        firstName: 'John',
        lastName: 'Doe',
        avatarUrl: 'https://gravatar.com/avatar/66f865ee03bc019d2f06af6ec0c434ce?s=200'
public translations: UserMenu.ITranslations = {
    login: 'Login',
    logout: 'Logout',
    userAvatar: 'User avatar',
public logoutUser(){
    alert('User is logged out!');
public loginUser(){
    alert('User is logged in!');


Component Inputs

Input Type Required Default Value
user UserMenu.IUser Yes, if logged in -
direction string: 'right' 'left' -
flyoutSize Flyout.EFlyoutSize - FlyoutSize.Small
notificationsCount number - -
showLogoutButton boolean - true
translations UserMenu.ITranslations - EN labels

Component Outputs

Output Type Required Default Value
login$ EventEmitter - EventEmitter
logout$ EventEmitter - EventEmitter

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