It stores the queue lib for ActBox services communication

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import actboxQueue from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@actbox/queue';


ActBox Queue

This module defines the interface for messaging broker services in order to communicate the rest of ActBox services


Before to start to use the library, just take in mind, you need to install and run rabbitMQ.

Tip Remenber you could run rabbitMQ effortlessly with Docker Docker Hub


These are the available config options for making queues. Only the queueName field is required.

  queueName: "my-queue", // take in mind, you need to use the same name in producer and consumer entities as rabbitMQ docs explains

   * by default, connectionURI is "amqp://localhost" and the port is the default from rabbitMQ, it is "5672"
  connectionURI: "amqp://localhost", // it represents the end-point where rabbitMQ is allocated

  forceNACK: false // https://www.rabbitmq.com/confirms.html


Once you have cloned queue module:

cd queue && npm run build

On backend and file-service modules, replace amqplib with the @actbox/queue:

"dependencies": {
    "amqplib": "^0.6.0", (remove this dependency)
    "@actbox/queue": "file:{relativePathToQueueModule}",


Work Queues

It depends on you start a consumer or producer, you have to start once any of them.

For producers:

const { workQueue } = require('@actbox/queue');
const { startProducer, sendToQueue } = workQueue;

await startProducer({ queueName: 'my-queue' });

const message = { name: 'actBox rules! 😊' };


For consumers:

const { workQueue } = require('@actbox/queue');
const { startConsumer, consumeFromQueue } = workQueue;

await startConsumer({ queueName: 'my-queue' });

consumeFromQueue().listen(async (message) => { 
  message.content; //  { name: 'actBox rules! 😊' }


For servers:

const { rpc } = require('@actbox/queue');
const { startServer } = rpc;

const myQueueServer = await startServer({ queueName: 'my-queue' });

myQueueServer.listen(async (message) => {
  // Process the message.content
  return 'Message processed ' + message.properties.correlationId;

For clients:

const { rpc } = require('@actbox/queue');
const { startClient } = rpc;

const myQueueClient = await startClient({ queueName: 'my-queue' });

myQueueClient.send({ data: 'some data to server' });

myQueueClient.listen((message) => {
  // handle response message