Actions io lib

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  import actionsIo from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@actions/io';



Core functions for cli filesystem scenarios


mkdir -p

Recursively make a directory. Follows rules specified in man mkdir with the -p option specified:

const io = require('@actions/io');

await io.mkdirP('path/to/make');


Copy or move files or folders. Follows rules specified in man cp and man mv:

const io = require('@actions/io');

// Recursive must be true for directories
const options = { recursive: true, force: false }

await io.cp('path/to/directory', 'path/to/dest', options);
await io.mv('path/to/file', 'path/to/dest');

rm -rf

Remove a file or folder recursively. Follows rules specified in man rm with the -r and -f rules specified.

const io = require('@actions/io');

await io.rmRF('path/to/directory');
await io.rmRF('path/to/file');


Get the path to a tool and resolves via paths. Follows the rules specified in man which.

const exec = require('@actions/exec');
const io = require('@actions/io');

const pythonPath: string = await io.which('python', true)

await exec.exec(`"${pythonPath}"`, ['main.py']);